Zero Trust Technology for Network Security

Secure and manage your IoT network with BIoT, an award-winning zero trust technology. Our comprehensive remote access, identity, and compliance management system is:

  • A more secure alternative
  • Easy to deploy
  • Cost-effective

Better Security

Eliminate the oft-exploited single points of vulnerability of VPN and MQTT with BIoT’s blockchain architecture. Protect your data-streaming capabilities by making your devices tamper-proof.


BIoT requires lower maintenance than traditional methods. Reduce cost by up to 80% by switching to a better cyber-security system.

Deployment readiness

BIoT helps accelerate your digital transformation. Our lightweight, OS-agnostic system can be easily deployed on an enterprise level within two weeks.

Key Capabilities

End-to-end encrypted data streaming

Endpoint management

Intrusion detection & monitoring

MITRE ATT&CK detection

Device Auditing

Compliance management



Received funding to demonstrated BIOT on 5G Network.

Won 1st Place in Rogers 5G Cyber Security Competition.

Won Lions Lair Startup Competition

Won ARTC startup Challenge for Secure Remote Operation

Won New World Report 2020 Award for Best Cyber Security Product

Finalist – Deep Tech Startup Competition

Won Desjardins Cyber Security Competition

Finalist – Slingshot 2021 Deep. Tech Startup Competition




Telecommunications is one of the most vulnerable industries to cyber-attacks. Large customer bases provide large areas of attack, and a successful cyber-attack could have far-reaching consequences.

BIoT’s end-to-end network, application, and device-level data security capabilities eliminate points of failure at all levels of the network architecture.


High-volume secure data-streaming has become a necessity for many critical defense applications. A comprehensive intrusion detection system that protects against ransomware, malware, and other advanced cyber-attacks is a prerequisite for their uninterrupted

Oil & Gas

The Oil & Gas industry relies on an array of pumps, sensors, meters, and other machinery. Unexpected maintenance or malicious interference can halt production and cause immense losses.

BData’s predictive algorithm and blockchain-based architecture feature timely warnings for machine failure and a tamper-proof security protocol that prevent such scenarios.


Critical infrastructures are more and more dependent upon an increasingly scattered network of sensors and meters. Our remote access identity management and device auditing system is easily deployed on the network to effectively monitor and manage these entities.



Our industrial-grade connectivity devices are an ideal fit for BDATA’s blockchain-enabled IoT solution,” said Jeff Brown, senior sales director for Advantech’s Industrial IoT Group. “We’re continually looking for domain-focused, strategic partnerships that help our customers achieve successful IoT connections–all more securely, and with fewer challenges”


Jeff Brown

Senior sales director

We are excited to work with BDATA and deploy BIoT technology for defense high value critical application that include drones and other assets. We strongly believe in the success of BIoT technology deployment to protect critical infrastructures” said James Castle, CEO, CISO & CSO, Terranova Cyber Solutions.

James Castle

CEO, CISO & CSO, Terranova Cyber Solutions

Many digital transformation projects are lacking strong cyber security, considering BIoT with 8D digital twin will enable companies to achieve financial and operational benefits without compromising security on critical infrastructure, said Wassim Ghadban, Vice President, Global Digital & Innovation, SNC Lavalin.

Wassim Ghadban

Vice President, Global Digital & Innovation

Our Partner & Customers


Why are Systems being Hacked?

Hackers are using advanced techniques to break cyber security layers of single TLS handshake, Airgap, VPN (a virtual private network), and Two Factor Authentications.
Many applications, devices, and cloud infrastructures rely on decades-old VPN (virtual private network) technology that has been compromised many times. Companies depend on 3rd party certificates to authenticate their critical applications and regulate hardware access. They present a single point of attack for malicious agents in that if the 3rd party gets compromised, then so does the entire network.


VPN vs BIoT Comparison

VPN – Virtual Private Network

  • Centralized Authentication
  • Expensive Than BloT.
  • Not An Embedded Cyber Security
  • No Real-Time Intrusion Analysis
  • Required Assistance In The Deployment
  • No Machine To Machine Authentication
  • No End-Point Management

BloT – Blockchain Network of loT

  • Decentralized Authentication
  • Cheaper than VPN.
  • An Embedded Cyber Security
  • Real-Time Intrusion Analysis
  • Not Required Assistance In The Deployment
  • Machine To Machine Authentication
  • End-Point Management

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