Manage Plant with IIoTs, Big Data and Automation

IPMS is an enterprise plant management solution that is designed to fully automate the plant and perform equipment management, predictive OPEX, maintenance, production, inventory and debottleneck analysis base on the design, real time operational and historical data.

360° support for enterprise IPMS

Enterprise intelligent plant management system

Intuitive dashboard with an easy to use interface

Management has never been simpler with an overview of the entire plant in your organization.

Quickly bring equipments, instruments & motors under management

Easy enrollment and authentication for all equipments.

Ensure equipments are running within design & operation parameters

Configures equipment with design & operating information and compare with real time data to predict performance of the equipment, OPEX & maintenance.

Troubleshoot equipment in real time

Remotely control and view equipments status.

Debottleneck Analysis

Perform debottleneck analysis on individual equipment or set of the equipments by changing design parameters and compare with design and operational parameters.

Design Margin

Calculate equipment capacity based on real time data to suggest available design margin on the equipment.

Revamp Analysis

Perform analysis based on proposed capacity vs real time and design capacity to predict which equipments required to be changed.

Predictive Analysis

Apply machine learning and deep learning algorithms to predict plant day-to-day running cost for individual equipment or complete plant & generate reports with operational trends for selected intervals.

Operational Analysis

Reports generation for plant real time production and operating expenses.

Utility Consumptions

Create real time analysis based on utility consumptions.

Predictive Analysis Based on Big Data Algorithms

Prepare predictive operation cost if production is increased.

Customize Predictive Analysis

IPMS supports customize predictive analysis required time to time by management.

Geo Tracking

Track equipment, personals and create navigation within the plant premises.

Equipment Geo Tracking

Equipment geo tracking feature support in search and tracking of equipment in plant.

Labor Geo Tracking

Labor geo tracking feature support in tracking each and every individual movement in plant to ensure security, integrity and resource management of plants.

Plant Maping

This feature support in point-to-point mapping which will help individuals on plant to navigate from one point to another with the IIoT implementation.

Equipment Management

Equipments are connected with cloud or on premises servers via PLC/DCS to have complete visibility over the equipment performance, controls, running status and operational & design parameters.



Plant Design & Operational Data

IPMS provide full control on plant design and operation data, which enables several predefined and customized solutions to facilitate smooth plant operation.

Specification Sheet

Upload, edit and download single or bulk specification sheets with design and operational (real-time) data.

Equipment Drawing

Create each equipment profile and attach relevant vendor drawings for quick reference.


IPMS provide SMS/Email alerts or on site alarms for equipment's level, temperature, pressure or any other predefined parameters.

Multiple file format support

Over 10 different document formats can be distributed and managed.

Inventory Analysis

Inventory Predictive Analysis

IPMS provide inventory analysis for inventory cost, usage, wastage vs effectiveness.

Inventory Alert

IPMS provide alerts (email/sms) based on chemicals levels in tank.

Inventory Schedule

IMPS provide inventory purchase schedule for selected chemicals.

Predictive Maintenance

Predictive Maintenance

IPMS will predict maintenance of the equipment based on equipment calculated performance, as well as historical data.

Maintenance Schedule

IPMS provide maintenance schedule for selected equipment based on selected duration.

Reliability Analysis

IPMS perform predictive analysis to ensure equipment reliaability based on equipment performance.

Maintenance Alert

Equipment's maintenance schedule to be defined while creating equipment profile, IPMS will alert ahead of time for the equipment maintenance.

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Download the on Premises or Cloud version of IPMS by clicking on following link

Download the on Premises or Cloud version & of IPMS by clicking on following link

On Premises Cloud Version

Support following DCS/PLC