IPMS Features

Equipment Management

Equipments are connected with cloud or on premises servers via PLC/DCS to have complete visibility over the equipment performance, controls, running status and operational & design parameters.

Predictive Analysis

Apply machine learning and deep learning algorithms to predict plant day-to-day running cost for individual equipment or complete plant & generate reports with operational trends for selected intervals.

Geo Tracking

IPMS provide geo tracking to track equipment, personals and create navigation within the plant premises.

Debottleneck Analysis

Perform debottleneck analysis on individual equipment or set of the equipments by changing design parameters and compare with design and operational parameters.

Plant Design & Operational Data

IPMS provide full control on plant design and operation data, which enables several predefined and customized solutions to facilitate smooth plant operation.

Inventory Analysis

IPMS provide inventory predictive analysis for inventory cost, usage, wastage vs effectiveness.

Predictive Maintenance

IPMS will predict maintenance of the equipment based on equipment calculated performance, as well as historical data.