Use Case - LNG Loaded / Loss Predictive Model


Loading of LNG is accomplished via the one or two cryogenic loading arms and one vapor return arm. The purpose of the return arm is to recover tanker boil-off vapor during loading operation. The return arm is connected to the suction of the boil-off gas recovery compressor and to the marine flare via the surge/drain vessel. Each liquid loading is provided with a loading control valve and a bypass control valve.

  • - LNG Loading Efficiency
  • - Tankers Capacity vs Loading Time, (Predictive analytics for different size of tankers)
  • - BOG (Boil Off Gas ~ Return LNG) vs LNG Loading for different tankers
  • - LNG Loaded & Loss in terms of $ value
Typical Schematic
Typical DCS Screen for LNG Loading

Connect DCS with IPMS to evalaute all the paremetns and calculate the LNG Loading, LNG Return, Tankers Capacities as well as perform machine learning algorithums based on the BOG compressor and LNG loading rate to advise on the key parametrs which effect on decresing or increasing LNG loading rates.